Innovation Management

Innovation is a learned ability, and we offer effective tools that will increase businesses' innovative ability and sustainable awareness. 

We provide innovation workshops and lectures, and provide executive and management tools on innovation progress, implementation as well as sustainable development. We customize innovation processes that will inspire the company to bring their own ideas into action.

We improve innovation capabilities by evaluating innovation readiness and help organizations to create an innovative culture for long-term success. We give further advice on the organization's upcoming opportunities and challenges linked to their sustainable and innovative work.


Innovation Workshop and Lectures

Implementation Processes

Sustainable Strategies

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Business Design

We help businesses to discover new opportunities by developing deep insights into customer opportunities and challenges. We translate market insights into impactful ideas. 

We offer strategical planning on innovation and entrepreneurial projects, including business design, market research and process development.

We provide tools in the ideation process of ideas in projects and businesses in an early or mature development stage. This includes customer and market identification, business planning, commercialization, and new business model development. We also provide analytical tools for projects and businesses in the implementation phase, as well as evaluation of resource optimization.


Ideation processes on new customer solutions

Business Planning

Commercialization Strategies

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Change Management

Organizations need to adapt to a constantly evolving environment. Change is necessary to stay competitive and continuing to create value. We help organizations to navigate fundamental shifts for long-term adaption, evaluate and determine the need for change, and help organizations to prepare and plan for a sustainable future. This will help the organization to recognize changes in the surrounding world and to make the necessary adjustments for the organization's needs. 

We also offer project and programme evaluation, assessments and advisory roles.


Evaluation of Projects and Programmes

Internal Review Processes

Analysis for Change


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