Innovation for sustainable change


Successful organizations need to be innovative to stay competitive. Innovation is a learned ability that will help your business to grow.

We help you to drive change in your organization, by giving you the right tools to become more innovative and sustainably aware.

R Innovation is a consultancy firm working with innovation, communication and change management linked to sustainable development. This includes business design, project, and business development, as well as investment matters.

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Strategic Advisory

We have done analysis projects related to the regional development of climate technology business clusters, marine cluster developments and environmental assessment of larger programmes.

Business Planning

In our portfolio of projects, you can find business plan developments for start-ups, research ideas and corporate business departments.


We offer a range of services linked to innovation and businesses' sustainable development. This includes Innovation Management, Business Design and Planning, Evaluation and Change Management, as well as Digital Marketing.

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Innovation Management

We customize innovation workshops and processes that will inspire the organization to bring their own ideas into action.

Evaluation & Change Management

We help organizations to navigate fundamental shifts for long-term competitive advantage.

Business Design

We offer strategical planning on innovation projects, including business design, market research and process development.

Strategic Marketing

We provide with analysis of organizations' communication, branding strategies and tactics, regarding digital marketing tools.



We belive in the creativeness of people. All businesses and organisations can be innovative and

contribute to a sustainable future. All you need is the right tools!

Mats Rydehell, CEO

We help your organization to grow its innovative ability and become more sustainably aware.

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