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About the company

R Innovation is a family-run consultancy firm founded in 2017. The company is focusing on innovation, communication and change management linked to sustainable development. This includes business design, project-, and business development, as well as investment matters.

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Mats Rydehell

CEO and Founder 

Experience from working with research and innovation strategies, energy and climate change issues, business development, internationalization and innovation management.    

Founder of KanEnergi Sweden AB and Sustainable Visions AB

PhD in Subatomic Physics, University of Gothenburg

Sara Rydehell

Business Consultant and Co-founder

Experience from working with digital transformation projects, business analysis and planning, as well as corporate innovation strategies.

M.Sc. Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business Design

Chalmers University of Technology

Andreas Utberg

Marketing Consultant

Experience from working with marketing analysis, including digital marketing, strategic branding, communication, and sales processes.

M.Sc. Marketing and Consumption
School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg


We help your organization to grow its innovative ability and become more sustainably aware.

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Email: mats@r-innovation.se

Phone: (+46) 708 27 92 28

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