Strategic Advisory

Personalized consultation for individuals and organizations

We have acted as advisors for individuals as well as organizations related to business and organizational development. Consultation on how to develop integrated research and innovation strategies for universities, personal mentoring for business ideas, and how to develop regional strategies, are among projects we have done.

Previous customers: Chalmers, Innovatum, VGR, Drivhuset, etc

Business Planning

Business model development and strategic communication

In our portfolio of projects you can find business plan developments for start-ups, research ideas, and corporate business departments. We have also developed strategic communication plans for newly started companies, made market analysis for corporate business growth plans and commercialization planning.

Previous customers: Mycorena, Volvo, Science Park Skövde, etc

Innovation Analysis

Assessment of business environments and market developments

We have done analysis projects related to the regional development of climate technology business clusters, marine cluster developments, and environmental assessment of larger programs. Analysis work has also been in connection with market developments and trends in markets for business or public engagement.

Previous customers: Innovatum, Statoil, Energimyndigheten, VGR, etc


Evaluation of impact and progress for sustainable development

Progress and impact of projects financed by the European Regional Fund have been evaluated, such as Wargön Innovation. We have also made a strategic environmental assessment of future cross-regional programmes funded by the EU and the Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth. Funding programs at the Swedish Energy Agency and Sweden's Innovation Agency are among other evaluation work we have done.

Previous customers: Wargön Innovation, Energimyndigheten, Tillväxtverket, Vinnova, etc

We help your organization to grow its innovative ability and become more sustainably aware.

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